Volunteer Agreement

As a volunteer shipper of Operation Paperback, I agree to collect, pack, and ship reading materials to American troops deployed overseas, and to veterans and VA hospitals within the United States.

I understand that I will be provided with the personal contact information of these individuals; and that the sharing of this information with anyone outside of Operation Paperback is a violation of this Volunteer Agreement and could endanger the well being of those serving in our Armed Forces and their families.

I agree to adhere to the program policies and guidelines in this volunteer agreement as well as to the orientation materials that are provided to me by Operation Paperback staff members. Therefore, I will only ship books that are good condition. I will not send books with loose, brittle, or missing pages, stains or water damage. I will not send books without front covers (also known as stripped books to publishers, and considered stolen property).

I will adhere to Department of Defense policy that prohibits the distribution of materials that are pornographic or racist. In addition, I will not send unsolicited religious materials, though I understand that religious materials (ex. a single holy book) can be shipped if requested specifically by an individual on Operation Paperback's shipping list.

As a registered volunteer shipper, I am committed to the mission of Operation Paperback, but I am not obligated to send a specific amount of books or remain with the program any amount of time.

I understand that my affiliation with Operation Paperback will be terminated if I violate the terms of this Volunteer Agreement or other program guidelines.

I accept the terms of this volunteer agreement.