Thank You Notes

Thank you for the books. I have enjoyed many and shared a few with others. Your love is so appreciate.
By: Eric F (USZ)
Good evening, I am emailing to inform you that I have received several shipments of books. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this. My son loves all his new books. Thank you for supporting the troops. Thanks again
By: Zac T (USA)
Volunteers of Operation Paperback, I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the wonderful gift of books. I must say the biographies went very fast in this shipment as did the Clancy and Cussler novels. These books give our Soldiers a chance to step away from the grind of everyday deployment life and enter a world of the unknown. We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication to keeping us happy, sane, and entertained over here in Djibouti. May God Bless every one of you and the USA! V/r
By: Roger V CPT (Africa)
Operation Paperback, Thank-you so very much for the generous shipment of books for our Soldiers. We are so lucky to have people like you out there who care so much for others and want to see them happy. Your donation of paperback books were so well received here as it is so HOT here many individuals stay inside and read when they can. God Bless. V/R
By: Roger V CPT (Africa)
Good evening, We have received two more boxes of books, very much appreciated, from the following individuals: A Cormier from Henrico, VA Lorraine J from El Paso, TX I was wondering if I could pause the shipments of books that we have been getting. We in Inpatient Mental Health in Okinawa have really appreciated all the support, and now find ourselves without enough bookshelf space! Thank you. Very Respectfully
By: Brittany B LCDR NC (Japan)
Hello, The Viera VA received a package of books today. Thank you for the ongoing support!
By: Justin W (USA)
Operation Paperback, The Viera VA received 3 boxes of books from Carrie M with the Southeast Corner of Nebraska. Thank you for the ongoing support!
By: Justin W (USA)
Greetings from the other side of the world! Thank you for the books you sent us, it really made our day! We are especially excited about the cooking magazines since we are constantly cooking to avoid eating the galley food. We truly appreciate your efforts to bring a smile to our faces and give us an escape from the daily stress. Very respectfully,
By: Vianey R (USA)
Hi! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great books. This is such wonderful treat for my girls, especially during summer! We appreciate you!
By: Trisha R (USA)
Hello, I wanted to send my heartfelt gratitude for the books that my 2 year old son has received. He is very excited to receive new to him books. Thank you Fl you for all that you do! Thank you!
By: Tiffany T (USA)
Thank you for the package of books. They are wonderful!
By: Tiffany M (USA)
All, Thank y'all for your donation of books. There were quite a few in there that my Soldiers grabbed instantly to help pass the time. Respectfully,
By: Daniel T 1LT (Africa)
I have received many packages of books and have filled some of my bookshelves. Thank you for all you do!
By: Tedd E (USA)
Thank you so much! I received two packages of children's books and my son loves them!
By: Tara R (USA)
Hello! We just received a box full of wonderful children’s books and are SO THANKFUL! Our kids were so excited for all of them. Thank you so much.
By: Stephanie W (USA)
Got another box today, thanks again.
By: Scott R (USA)
Hi there!! Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for the books we've already received! Thank you to Carrie M in Southeastern Nebraska and to the Christ Church Episcopal in Savannah, GA!! {Received another box but can't find for the life of me remember the sender - though they were immensely appreciated!!} Any books my Family doesn't hold on to to read, we take to our MOMS Club Socials for local Mother's to peruse {we'd be happy to accept Children's books for this purpose}, and the rest get donated to our Base's Used Bookstore. We love this program, Thanks again!!
By: Sarah A (USA)
Dear Operation Paperback, I am writing from Camp Humphreys, South Korea to let you know that I have thus far received many, many boxes of books from your amazing network of volunteers across the country (and I can see that still many more are on their way)! The library that we have built for the soldiers of our brigade (501st MI BDE) is now overflowing with books and we are eager for our soldiers to really feel free to take as many books as they like! We had so many books come in that we had to fill up a whole car trunk full of books and take it "down" south to our detachment of troops stationed at Camp Walker in Daegu, who have also started a library for their soldiers. We have soldiers stationed at more remote locations throughout Korea, like the DMZ, so we will continue to distribute the books that are on the way here. This is a list of locations and senders that we have received boxes from: Paula M in Sandwich, MA Brenda B in Green Bay, WI Margaret H in Oswatomie, KS Carrie M (and community) in Beatrice, NE (4 big boxes!) Olivia M in Frederick, MD Sandy F in Anaconda, MT Sharon M in Brooklyn, NY Maryanne F in Chesapeake, VA John A in Levittown, PA Judith L Travelers Rest, SC Nelda & Kim B in Inyokern, CA Many thanks from the 501st!
By: Sarah O (Korea)
I want to say thank you. I received the book delivery and I absolutely love them! I'm not going to lie. One of the thriller you sent is a little close to the new situation I find myself in with my latest move. So I'm slightly scared to read it. But I will because it also sounds really good. So thank you for these books!
By: Sarah C (USA)
I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful service. In a world filled with too much screen time and constant need to be occupied. Having the ability to hold a physical book and feel the texture of the pages is reconnecting me to the joys of simple pleasures. Thank you so much!
By: Rui B (USA)