Thank You Notes

Thank you for helping
By: Mhanu Y (Usa)
Thank you for all of the books.
By: Logan J (USA)
I would like to say to D. Rainwater from Chesterfield, MO thanks for the wonderful books that you sent me.
By: Steven M. (U.S.A)
I just received books from C. Parks from San Angelo, TX and would like to say thank you. I really appreciate it.
By: Steven M. (U.S.A.)
A thank you note to Sandra M. from Madison, MO. Thanks for the books, especially the Brian Kilmeade book. I love his books.
By: Steven M. (U.S.A)
Thank you all so very much for all that you do for our active duty troops and our disabled veterans at home like myself.  I am very grateful for all of your hardwork!
By: Marg K. (USA)
Thank you so much for all you each do!!!!! This really makes a difference and helps our veterans that need a mental place to escape. 
By: Danae (USA )
Thanks to Kathy D. from Whitehouse, OH for the books. Thanks for the note as well. Great science fiction books.
By: Steven M (United States)
Hello. I want to send a quick thank you note to Mark from Winnemucca, NV. Thanks for the books. I am eager to read the one about the alternate history of the German air force.
By: Steven M (United States)
Thank you, for the great books! Definitely makes underways/ weeks out to sea enjoyable especially without being connected to family and streaming services. 
By: Abby M (USA)
Thank you for everything.
By: Amanpreet S (USA)
Thank you for the board books you sent to my wife for our baby back home. It made her day!
By: Walter S (Kuwait)
Thank you so much to people that sent the Dragonlance novels. I now have the first 3 in the series called "Dragonlance Chronicles" and the "War of Souls" trilogy. This will keep me occupied for a couple weeks re-submerging back into the world of Krynn. Thank you again so much.
By: Casey M (United States)
I have received books from Joyce Hennessee (Romeo, MI), Elizabeth Dickey (Chicago, IL), Jane Miller (W. Henrietta, NY) and from the Scarsdale Womans Club in Scarsdale, NY. I want to thank all of you and your most generous organizations for everything you have sent (including WWII books, puzzle books of all kinds, knitting books including kids patterns, and many other miscellaneous books. I will be sharing them with other veterans as I finish reading them. It is a wonderful organization that you are part of and so appreciated by so many.
By: Walt (United States)
I want to thank you personally. I am not able to afford packages to mail to my son every month. It breaks my heart, he left for 8 years to Japan. Idk if I will ever see him again but I know every time I get a letter in the mail it w always gave me hope. I know millionaires always have multiple source incomes and constantly read. Your team might be making the next millionaires in the service. I can’t do much, and this is something that touches my heart and helps me as mom to connect with my son and I am forever grateful to you! 
By: Billie B (Usa)
Dear Operation Paperback, I cannot tell you how much it meant to receive the generous donations of paperbacks while overseas, but suffice it to say that those books are a life saving bit of comfort during interminable duty rotations! Keep up the great work, and rest assured that I have been and will continue to spread the word about you and the great things you are doing for our troops! Thanks again!
By: Kenneth B. (USA)
I have received books from Karen W. c/o Last Word Bookstore today. Thank you for thinking of me. I have enjoyed receiving many books and have found that I can bring them to the local VA and there is a place that I can leave them for other veterans to enjoy.
By: Walter LoPriore (United States)
Thank you for thinking of us
By: Jennifer Mc (United States)
Thank you to Ms. Love and the Daughters of the American Revolution! The books were received and immediately started to be enjoyed. It is our first installment of our freshly stood up library. The sailors here really appreciate the support and effort behind this!
By: Anthony B (USA)
I wanted to thank everyone who participates and helps with the program. I have received many books and dvd's that have made life easier to cope with during my recovery. Each book is a like a friend talking to me when I feel down and lonely. You all have no idea how special just one book can make such a big difference in my daily life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and for all the servicemembers you help.
By: Eric S (United States)