Thank You Notes

Today we received a box from Carol L. In Columbus, OH and let me tell you it brought me tears. I have had  a Social Emotional Autism book on my daughters Amazon wish list since May but due to some things that came up in our home have been unable to purchase it, well today it showed up. Thank you thank you Carol this box came just when we truly needed it. 
By: Rebecca D (United States)
Thank you so much! It's nice to clear my head and go to another world for a bit. I really appreciate it!
By: Alfredo M. (United States)
Thank you very much Scarsdale Woman's Club for the books you sent me. I look forward to reading them.
By: John L (USA)
We have been a military family for a long time. Your efforts to help us feel a little more at home in places that are so far from where our families are have prompted this heartfelt thank you. Books bring us joy, and you all have given us so much. Thank you
By: Rachael (United States)
Thank you for all the work and keeping my family and I in books!
By: Donald O’Dell (USA)
Thank you for all the work and keeping my family and I in books!
By: Donald O’Dell (USA)
Thank you for taking the time to send me three shipments of financial books. From the bottom of my heart, my family and I thank you very much. Love the trading magazines and books as well.
By: John L (USA)
Thank you to everyone involved in this company! The joy I get when I see a box from you, it keeps my hours alone enjoyable. 
By: Amanda (United States)
Thank you so much for all of the books! We truly appreciate it and our children are so excited for new books to read! 
By: Heather G (USA)
Thank you so much for the books, our military families here at Fort Moore enjoy reading these books.
By: Chantel J (United States )
We thank you for your support. I am currently deployed overseas and seeing what you all do is very amazing.
By: Dakota (Overseas)
I got the books. All I think 5 packages!!! Thank you so much for these. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've been having some medical problems. God bless you and all of the volunteers who help all of us. Again thank you.
By: Beverly B (USA)
Good Morning, I just wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank you. I am currently serving Overseas and today received a package from your organization. This included Stephen Kings “Misery’ as well as William Peter Blatty’s “the Exorcist.” It truly means more than I can say. I've always found peace in reading, especially when serving overseas, and I truly can’t thank you enough. I will make sure to pass them along to other members of the Troop so they get additional love. Again, Thank you so much Very Respectfully, SSG Nicholas L.
By: SSG Nicholas (Overseas)
Good morning, We received your shipment of books here safely at the VA. Thank you. We appreciate this gift.
By: Allison W (USA)
We have received the books thank you Christopher & Vanessa H
By: Vanessa E (USA)
HELLO. I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to let you know I have received my books in the mail. Thank you for what you do. ~ Trey
By: Trey A (USA)
Great job OPERATION PAPERBACK! Rocco was really impressed with the books he requested! Many people wrote stories about their parents who had served our country. The computer books are very helpful too for Rocco's major at UGA, University of Georgia. Handwritten notes are being sent today!
By: Tina A (USA)
I received several boxes today. Two had no identification so I can not identify who sent them. Please pass my gratitude to the following: Donna C. Ms. Wendy R.- I received a box and a beautiful card in the mail from her on separate days. Santa Clara women’s club Patty A. Once again thank and happy holidays ma’am!
By: teresa s (USA)
Thank you gor the shipment of books. My Soldiers appreciated it!
By: Bryce M (Kuwait)
The books are appreciated so much!!! Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers of Operation Paperback!
By: April A (United States)