Thank You Notes

Thank you so much for your dedication to this project. What a great gift!
By: Theresa L. (South Korea)
Thank you Operation Paperback volunteers (Sally Trathen Tonya Graham Barbara Muzzarelli and many others) for filling our home with interesting and fun books. My kids enjoyed opening the boxes filled of books, especially children books. They loved all the books we have received. Love the initiative to those who are far away home and reminded us that there’s people who cares about us. Thank you for your support! Hope to join you as a volunteer in a near future.
By: Angel A (Bahrain)
I want to thank Elizabeth W. from Norwalk, CT for the Wonderful books I received yesterday.  
By: Steven M. (USA)
Hello Operation Paperback.  Thanks for all you do.  Yesterday, I received a box of books from Katherine Van C.  form Murphys, CA.  Thank you Katherine; and thank you for the card as well.  I love it.  
By: Steven M. (USA)
I just received two packages today.  I would like to thank Olivia M from Frederick, Maryland for the great books.  I look forward to reading the book on western thought.  I also want to thank Nancy B. from Ohio.  The package is great; I love history. Thank you.  
By: Steven M (USA)
I want to thank Operation Paperback for the great work you do and to all the volunteers.  I want to say to Jeanne (if I am reading this correctly), Patti, and Sandy from the Manchester Community Library in Equinunk, PA, Thanks for the books.  Look forward to reading them.  Take care
By: Steven M. (USA)
I would like to thank Carolyn B from Danvers, Massachusetts for the wonderful book.  
By: Steven M (USA)
Hello.  I was out of town for two months and upon my return I was surprised to find several boxes waiting for me at the post office.  I have many to thank.  First I would like to thank John Seltzer from the Heinlein Society.  Second, I would like to thank Marie Milo for the wonderful books.  I also give my thanks to Melody Goeken from the Gunn Automotive Group in Texas; Go Texas.  Finally, my sincere thanks to the Wise family from the great state of Illinois.  Sofia W, please tell everyone at the American Heritage Girls group I said thank you.  Once again, thank you and thank you Operation Paperback. 
By: Steven M (USA)
Thank you so much for taking care of our loved ones. 
By: Shamika C (Japan )
Thank you so much for helping our soldiers! You are very much appreciated! Soldiers love to receive care packages and need support from us! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!
By: Jennifer K (United States)
Hello, I just picked up a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors. I’m a big fan of his and I’m looking forward to reading this. For me reading is one of my favorite pastimes and the chance to get a great book for free is awesome. Thanks again for everything. 
By: Corey S (Kuwait )
Thank you so much Carrie for the enormous box of books you sent! Made my day! :)
By: Samantha B. (United States)
I just want to thank you for all the books I received and I will definitely share it with others. Thank you so much.
By: Kenneth D (United States)
I'd like to thank you for everything you do for the veterans. My late husband was in Vietnam.
By: Rebecca A. (USA)
I would like to thank John S. He sent me several science fiction books on behalf of The Heinlein Society.  To be honest, I never heard of Robert Anson Heinlein. Now I do and look forward to reading some of his works.  Thanks John.  
By: Steven M. (USA)
Once again, I cannot thank your organization enough for being there for veterans, active duty personnel, and family members.  I would like to say thanks to Paula B. in Annapolis, Maryland; thanks for the books.  
By: Steven M. (USA)
Once again, I would like to thank Operation Paperback for all that you do!. Also, I received more books; great books.  Thanks to Kathleen and Van from California.  
By: Steven M. (USA)
I would like to thank Marcie D from PA for the wonderful books and magazines. Thanks again to Operation Paperback as well.  
By: Steven M (USA)
Just received great books to read from Chicago Review Press.  I would like to thank them and you for all that you for us.
By: Steven M. (USA)
To All the Operation Paperback Volunteers, on behalf of Marine Aircraft Group 29 -- Thank You for the Books!
By: Chad C (1)