Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Ron S. from Elmhurst, IL for the wonderful books I received last week. Ron, I particularly like "The Hand History Answer Book". Thanks again for your support and thank you Operation Paperback for all you do. It does not go unnoticed.
By: Steven M. (U.S.A)
I would like to thank Ron S. from Elmhurst, IL for the wonderful books I received last week. Ron, I particularly like "The Hand History Answer Book." Thanks again for your support and thank you Operation Paperback for all you do. It does not go unnoticed.
By: Steven M. (USA)
I want you all to know how much I appreciate you. It is so awesome to get books I have been wanting to read!
By: Cassie R. (Japan)
I would like to send a big thanks to "The Friends of the Rochester (MN) Public Library" for the wonderful Star Wars books. Love them. Thanks again
By: Steven M (United States)
I am a Navy veteran and a single mom of two daughters. The books that I have received from you have been amazing and even my daughters have been reading them. When the books are done being read, I have been donating them to the local library, which is very small and appreciates the books very much so. Thank you again for this amazing organization.
By: Melissa M (United States)
Thank you so very much for the books!  They are such a wonderful treat-I love every box!
By: Laura P (USA)
I received 3 excellent Star Wars books last week and I would like to thank the family in Niceville, FL. Thank you for the books and for what your family does for the military.
By: Steven M (U.S.A)
Thank you for all the books and a nice variety!
By: Savannah A (United States)
I’m grateful and appreciative of the books I receive. Thank you so much for being here to support the military community. It means so much to me that this program exists. God bless you. 
By: Davina (U. S. A)
Thank yall for everything that you do! We appreciate everything!
By: Jewels (United States)
I am so grateful for the books provided to my family, I have a child who is autistic and they get super excited every time a package arrives. I love this program and I am forever grateful for you all providing more ways to interact with my family through books.
By: Robin O (United States)
Thank you for all the books that have been sent from everyone. My family and I have enjoyed them so much and get excited when we see a box! Thank you, Anthony and Family
By: Anthony F (USA)
Op. Paperback Team, Thank you for the continued shipments of great reading material. The books go straight to our Marines and we are currently working on plans to refurbish a barracks lounge into a library for them. The military history and science fiction titles in particular are a huge hit! Please keep them coming. Twentynine Palms is certainly not the easiest place to be stationed, especially this time of year. Your contribution has done a ton for our Marines and Sailors. Thank you for your continued support!
By: Zach S (USA)
Good afternoon, On behalf of soldiers here on ground we wanted to say thank you for the books. We have received four of your boxes so far! I personally taken books out of each. Thank you to the following people who have helped pack these boxes: Theresa Suzanne H. Joyce H.
By: Estrella V (USA)
Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you well. We received ANOTHER TWO boxes from you guys! You are helping us build a library in our USO! I take a couple books out for myself before we put the rest in the library YOU guys are helping us build. I did want to mention that Merrei K from Scottsdale, AZ was the one to sign for both boxes that were shipped! Thank you so much!
By: Estrella V (USA)
We have been receiving your shipment of books. Thank you so much for the continued support to our organization. The guests that come here love having so many choices and enjoy picking out new books each time. We do offer books to the active duty and reservists members that come volunteer here since we get so many. We will continue to spread the word about your wonderful organization. Thank you again for support and making sure we are never in need of a good read.
By: Travis Fischer House (USA)
Operation Paperback Please thank Mr. Ross G. for sending his book 'Eagle Fang'. We have a small US Army airfield at Camp Buehring and I left his book over at the admin building thinking the pilots would enjoy the book. Thank you
By: Stuart L (Kuwait)
Hello Operation Paperback Sandy F. sent a great collection of books, including one of my favorite 'Red Badge of Courage', and many magazines. She did not include an email address. Would you contact her and let her know she is very much appreciated at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
By: Stuart L (Kuwait)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We really appreciate all the books! They are plenty for us to go around and donate some to the library! Again, thank you for having this program and allowing us to stay in books that do not have to deal with maintenance! Everyone in the shop (and shops around me) are happy to have received so many! Thank you for having this program and thinking of us!
By: Bridgit S (USA)
To Whom It May Concern, My Marines and I have received your package of books and would like to extend our deepest appreciation. Morale was lifted and there were smiles on the face of my Marines that are avid readers. The generous donation you have gifted us has a last impact on how we conduct and accomplish our mission on a level that can scarcely be put into words. From all of us out here in Djibouti, Africa, we thank you. I hope this finds you well. Have a great day and Semper Fidelis. Respectfully,
By: Anthony S (Africa)