Thank You Notes

We received several books in a package today and were able to start filling our library day room for Soldiers who are often on hold status or need something to do after work. Your donation is greatly appreciated as our library at times can be lacking and creating our own library is key for students here at the 344th MI BN. I will be stationed here at Goodfellow AFB until AUG 2022 and will happily assist Soldiers with materials. Any assistance is a huge plus.\r\nRespectfully, \r\nPeter R.M
By: Peter M SSG (USA)
Dear Volunteers of Operation Paperback, Hello from Bravo 5-5 ADA. We are currently Deployed to Iraq, and we just received a shipment of books from you. We greatly appreciated the books, and we wanted to reach out, and say Thank you. Our platoon thoroughly enjoyed receiving the package, and the variety that was included. I have attached a few pictures of our platoon, so you can match the name to the face so to speak. Thank you again, we greatly appreciated the books. Respectfully,
By: Mallory T (Overseas)
Good morning from Saudi Arabia and a big thank you to Evie D. and the Operation Paperback volunteers from Dunstable, MA for the donation that the team received last week. We will continue to promote your program as our small team members PCS and move on to other duty stations around the world. Your efforts are appreciated and with COVID restrictions books help our team spend their time in productive ways. Thanks again.
By: Jerry K COL, LG (Overseas)
Salam Alaykum from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank your team from Scottsdale, AZ who recently sent some books. The team appreciated the effort and support from back home.
By: Jerry K COL, LG (Overseas)
Hello! I just wanted to tell you I have been receiving the books and ABSOLUTELY love the service. I wish I could keep it going indefinitely. Thanks so much
By: James K.J. (USA)
Hello, I just got some books from Nicole S. and wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!!!
By: Katy Y (UA)
Greetings! Just wanted to drop you all a line to say THANK YOU for another great box of books you provided us. I received a new box today full of exactly the types of books we enjoy reading. Thank you for the great work you do and the time you take to think about us! Happy New Year
By: Gene P (USA)
Thank you for the books!! It certainly was nice to be thought of and especially nice to receive so many nice novels and magazines I enjoyed reading the first book and sharing the others with my buddies here at my unit. We all agree that this will be a welcome change from our required army readings You can be sure that each book or magazine will be appreciated and will remind me of your thoughtfulness. Thanks again.
By: Joseph W SFC (USA)
I want to thank you for your shipment of books, it arrived safely and much sooner than expected. I have made an area here where soldiers can come and pick up books to read and return when they are done. It really helps with the downtime here since we don't have the best access to the internet available. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to receiving more and being able to share them with others.
By: JasonH SPC (USA)
Operation Paperback, I want to extend an extreme thankfulness to the books that you sent to me. They are awesome and I look forward to reading them! Respectfully, James
By: James S (USA)
Operation Paperback Team, I just wanted to send a quick email and let y’all know I received the books. Thank you so much! I am enjoying them! Israel
By: Israel N (USA)
Hello, My BN has received a couple packages of books from donors and I wanted to thank you all. The books are extremely appreciated and will definitely be used in professional development for Soldiers of all ranks. Thank you for helping me make my BN library possible. Sincerely and respectfully Eugene
By: Eugene H CPT, AR (USA)
Good morning Operation Paperback! Over the last month I have received donations of books from: The T. Family Jill F. Susan L. Linda R. Carol S. Drew S. At this time my book shelves are full (a good problem to have) and I cannot accept further donations! Thank you all for the generosity you have shown me and my Soldiers as we built our library. Attached is a picture of our library. Thank you again.
By: Elisabeth H CPT (USA)
Good morning, I received books from Ms. Marilyn G. of Berlin, PA! Thank you,
By: Elisabeth H CPT (USA)
To Whom it May Concern, I have received books from multiple volunteers and I cannot thank you enough for what you all do. I have a saying that I live by, “if you’re not learning, you’re forgetting.” These books allow my troops to grow and not “forget” things. Thank you again. Sincerely, Jason
By: Jason G SMSgt (USA)
Dear Ms. R-V, Thank you so much for choosing the Mindful Veteran Project as the recipient of the wonderful results of your book drive. We were delighted to receive such lovely books to distribute to our children of Veterans/Active Duty/Guard/Reserve members. The timing was perfect as April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child and we always do special events honoring these children. Last year our huge April: Month of the Military Child Event was cancelled and it was too early in the pandemic for us to figure out a quick and clever workaround for lockdown. We did manage to bring some treats to the kids in the course of delivering food, PPE, computers, food for service dogs, etc. to meet urgent family needs, but it certainly wasn’t very festive or focused on the children and their unique situations. This year we have some drive-through events planned so that children whose parent/parents are away - serving overseas, in hospitals, guarding the Capitol, administering vaccinations, or whatever their role - or still struggling with the effects of war - visible or invisible wounds - are honored for how they also serve the country. Your gift of books lets them know that they are seen, heard, appreciated, and honored for facing challenges that children in the non-military-connected-population do not face. They carry some often incredibly heavy burdens, and being acknowledged, supported, and cheered on lightens those loads and makes a tremendous difference. Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of these “hidden” service members. Warm regards, Gail
By: Gail S (USA)
Hi Chrissy, We just received another box of books from our super-regular donor Marcus and, lo and behold, one is “Fred Korematsu Speaks Up,” a story about a Japanese-American around the time of WWII and beyond. It’s perfect for that "My Beloved/My Enemy – Friend or Foe – Identity and Allegiance" project for which I’m lining up resources. I had to tell you because the timing is uncanny. I also wanted to mention that Carol M. and mum Jessye S. are still wonderful regular donors and always include such lovely notes. Carol always says how much it means to them, especially her mum, to be able to do this and I want to make sure they know how very much appreciated their generosity is on this end and how much it means to us and those we serve. Thank you for facilitating such mutually beneficial connections and so much magic, dear Chrissy. Warm regards, Gail
By: Gail S (USA)
Thank you all at Operation Paperback. We are deployed to Iraq and I just received our first box of books. I have placed these books on a shelf in our community tent and they will be shared with all of the Soldiers here. Thank you for what you do for the Troops, and on behalf of all of the Wolfpack family, we appreciate it. V/R, Thomas
By: Thomas C CSM (Overseas)
Hi. I have received so many wonderful books and haven't had the time to write back thanking everyone for donating and packing and sending books. Thank you all so much for the support and I hope to be able to pass these books along to other people and places when the opportunity presents as a way to pay it forward. I can't thank you enough. v/r Christopher
By: Chris B (USA)
Thank you so much for books!! I love reading! I really appreciate leadership and motivational books that can inspire me to help others. Thanks to Declan Newcamp Boy scouts Troop 596, Caroline W. and Rick/JeanMarie D. I would like to continue receiving books if this is ok and I would share with others. Big thank you!! Carmen
By: Carmen C D (USA)