Thank You Notes

Thank you so much for the books. I especially love the books for my 6 year old little girl. Many thanks and holiday wishes to you all!
By: Darsy (United States)
Thank you for all the books I receive! It always makes my day! Keep the great support! I am passing the word around me to the other soldiers! Thank you for including me in your program!
By: Yann H (USA)
Thank you for the ongoing support!
By: Justin W (USA)
Thank you for the ongoing support! the Viera VA Clinic has a nice supply of books for our vetereans thanks to your ongoing support. It really does help make the clinc more inviting.
By: Justin W (USA)
Hello I just wanted to send another message to let you know we have received several packages from a variety of volunteers. The ongoing support of your organization has helped our clinc maintain an ample selection of quality reading material. Thank you for your onging support!!!
By: Justin W (USA)
Your volunteers have generously answered the call! We have received books from 7 of your volunteers. Thank you so much for the ongoing support!
By: Justin W (USA)
I received not one but two wonderful boxes of books, puzzle magazines and calendars!! Thank you so much to the SciFi books for Military heaping boox of Sci-fi books i will devour then pass on to the next Veteran or service member to enjoy. The puzzle books, movies and really great audio books are loved! Will also pass on the movies after watching and audio books after listening to them. Especially interested in the King Solomon's Mines book. Thank you also for the lovely card. Thank you both and Operation Paperback for this great program. As a homebound disabled Veteran access to shared books is so wonderful! Thank you and know that these gifts will be shared to another name on the OP list after I have my turn.
By: Hollie B (US)
Thank you so much for the books!! We love them and will get right to reading!!! I just wanted to let you know we received them!!
By: Madison Elmore (Iraq)
Thank You very much for the books and candy!
By: Jack B (United States)
Thank You very much for the books and candy!
By: Jack B (United States)
Words cannot express the happiness I feel when I receive a package of books. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. I use these books to help cope with my PTSD. Just know that you are making a difference with each book you so generously provide. From the bottom of my heart I thank you!!!
By: Jean C (United States )
Thank you for loving those who serve our country! 
By: Rose D (USA)
Thank you for the books I am an avid reader. This is such a wonderful and appreciated gift!
By: Hunter H (US)
Our family has received an amazing amount of books. The children’s books that we have received for our son has really helped him improve in his reading and we even got awesome coloring books!!! We appreciate all the great gifts of books, I really adore the books that were included for myself to enjoy:)
By: Heather F (United States )
Thank you very much Jesse, Courtney, Amerah, and Max from CT!  Another great shipment of books.  Operation Paperback is outstanding! Possible advice...I noticed that the postage was fairly high.  If you tell the USPS you are sending books it lowers the rate.  Thanks!!
By: Gregg H (USA)
Thank-you Operation Paperback for sending a box full of books! I was able to share with everyone in my work center.
By: Ethan Roach (United States)
Thank you for the books I received the other day!
By: Jeanne (USA)
Thank you. I love you.
By: Mark A. (Germany)
I am a Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist for the Air National Guard and your donations help light up our events we host to get local resources to our Airmen. It brings joy to be able to pass out a book to an Airman's child and watch their faces light up! Thank you again for your donation.
By: Sarah L. (United States)
Can you pass this email to Pat C. As always the books are great and keep a old solider like me busy. From one hero to another. Ty SFC Trevino
By: Teresa Trevino (United States)