Thank You Notes

Thank you for all the support.
By: Todd J (United States)
Thank you so much for all you do!
By: Maria V (United States )
Thank you Barry Albert for the wonderful selection of books!
By: Kyle T (USA)
I did get 3 boxes of books and added them to the unit library. We have gathered so many books that our mechanics are building a new custom, hand-built bookcase. Keep them coming :) Thanks so much.
By: Phil b (USA)
I wanted to say thank you so much for sending me books. It has helped me get away from watching TV all the time. Thank you for all you do for our military. Dennis
By: Dennis K (USA)
We got another box of books today. My kids were so happy! My son was so excited about learning to draw dragons, which he is obsessed with. You send such great books. Please keep them coming!
By: Kara B (USA)
My son and I want to thank you for the books you sent for him! He is looking forward to reading them all
By: Kara B (USA)
Hello, My family and I have received a second package from Pamela W filled with ROMANCE books! My wife is very pleased! Thanks again for keeping our enjoyment of books alive and well. Sincerely, -Josh and family
By: Joshua G (USA)
Hello, Just wanted to let you know that my family and I received the package from Vicki A filled with great books! (My wife really loves the romance books!) We really appreciate the support, thanks for all you do! Sincerely, Josh & family
By: Joshua G (USA)
Volunteers at Op Paperback, Thank you for your dedication and volunteered time in support of those of us who are currently deployed in support or defense of our great country. The books you kindly provide allow Airmen of all ranks and positions to embark on individual stories and journeys through time and into the world of the imagination. You, your staff, and the books sent are very much appreciated. Thank you!
By: Joseph E TSgt, USAF (Overseas)
Good Afternoon, On behalf of my husband, Christian G., we are extremely grateful to have received his first box shipment yesterday with far more great quality books than expected. He is very excited to begin reading the books, and since he has already read one, will send it to another veteran who will appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!! Respectfully, Jess
By: Christian G (USA)
Hi! I am Jaymi M. You mailed my husband, Stephen M, some books for our kids. I would like to say that the two packages arrived safely today! My kids love the Junie B Jones books! They are excited to read them this summer! Thank you so much once again! Have a wonderful summer! Jaymi
By: Stephen M (USA)
Hello, my name is Jason L. I received the shipment and greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I didn't see the note right away. Thank you again. Jason
By: Jason L (USA)
Hello, I wanted to say a quick thank you for my recent packages of books. I truly appreciate all the time and effort spent getting these books to me. I want to give a special thanks to Marion S, Maria M, and Sue B. Thanks again
By: Isabell M (USA)
Thanks this time to Sharon, I received Built to Last, Once an Eagle, and Getting to Yes, makes from PaperBackSwap. V/R
By: Hal Shannon H LTC USARMY (USA)
Hi! My name is Nathaniel. The purpose of this e-mail is to just say a quick thank you for all the books i have received thus far! They are incredible and already sparking interest in my students! A special thank you to Ms. Suzanne H. for the amazing box of WW2 books! The selection you provided are incredible and will allow for days of enjoyment. -Nate
By: Nathaniel N (USA)
Thank you for all the kids book! The embassy will use them as "gifts from Santa" to all the kids this year. Thanks again!
By: Tina H. (Rwanda)
Thank you for the books. I have enjoyed many and shared a few with others. Your love is so appreciate.
By: Eric F (USZ)
Good evening, I am emailing to inform you that I have received several shipments of books. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this. My son loves all his new books. Thank you for supporting the troops. Thanks again
By: Zac T (USA)
Volunteers of Operation Paperback, I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the wonderful gift of books. I must say the biographies went very fast in this shipment as did the Clancy and Cussler novels. These books give our Soldiers a chance to step away from the grind of everyday deployment life and enter a world of the unknown. We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication to keeping us happy, sane, and entertained over here in Djibouti. May God Bless every one of you and the USA! V/r
By: Roger V CPT (Africa)