Thank You Notes

Operation Paperback is amazing!! I signed up to give our local soldiers and their families books, they love it and clear my book shelf before I usually get new shipments! I can't thank the volunteers enough.
By: Anna D. (United States)
The books y'all send really help me and other soldiers in the unit. Thank you guys. Your effort is definitely appreciated
By: Michael R. (Afghanistan)
This is a thank you to all service people of the United States. I was born with terrible asthma or I would be serving also. Those of you in the defense of our country. Thanks a Million and may all our gods be with you.
By: Josiah l (usa)
Thank you so much to your organization and to everyone who donated books and helped get them to me! I really appreciate all of the support that people like you give to us. Thanks again.
By: Jeffrey D (US (currently))
Thank you SO Much for the new books- our family loves reading and it's fun to get some fresh books for the kids! They are SO excited to dig into them!
By: Jenny A (US)
Thank you so much for the books! My son really enjoyed receiving a package full of books that he likes! It was very very much appreciated. Thank you so much for this program to help active duty families!
By: STACEY (United States)
I would like to say thank you for all of your support. I appreciate everything you do.
By: Cheryl P (United States)
My children really loved the books that were sent. My kids enjoy reading so it was an extra treat to receive these books. Thank you operation paperback!
By: Emily F (USA)
You all are such a blessing to our homeschool family. Reading is such a huge part of our learning. Thank you so much for working so hard to make this program possible!! God Bless you all!
By: K M (USA)
Thank you so much for the books. They are greatly appreciated by my family!
By: Traci S. (United States)
Thank you!!!
By: LeDene P. (United States)
Thank you for all you do to enhance the learning process through books for my family!
By: Corina (America)
Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to send and provide books to my family and families like mine.
By: Angel M (United States )
Thank you for your support. GOD BLESS
By: Roger M (United States)
This means a lot to us especially my family while we are overseas and it is very hard to get English printed books. Thank you for all your hard work!!!
By: Marshall P (Spain)
Thank you so much for taking your time to send books to the military families and all the troops! The face my son had while opening his box was priceless! So grateful! Thank you!
By: Daniela L (United States )
I have yet to receive anything yet but I can say just the thought counts more to me then anything. Thank you for your time.
By: Samantha P (USA)
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! The whole family loves to read and this is an amazing way to receive new books for military families! Our family truly appreciates this!
By: Wendi P (United States)
Thank you so much for the books we received, my 6 yr old and teens loved them. God bless all that you do.
By: Sandra R (USA)
Thank you Operation Paparback we received 2 boxes this week. We are beyond grateful.
By: Brittany W (USA)