Thank You Notes

Your generosity brings a smile to my face! These books will let me escape just for a minute to a place that is not here! I greatly appreciate all that you all do!
By: Tamika Y. (Afghanistan)
Thank you so much for the package of books you sent through Operation Paperback. My husband is looking forward to reading them and sharing them with other veterans he knows in the area. We appreciate your sharing them with him.
By: Kenneth Voight (united states)
Good afternoon, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending my husband some books! He just received them today, he was so shocked! He is excited because he has been reading a bunch of financial investing books since deployment started, so when he received the sci-fi books you all sent, he was happy to get a little mental break from reading about investing. Thank you for all that you do at operation paperback. We greatly appreciate it! Have a blessed day.
By: Joshua Boyd (united states)
Thank you so much to the volunteers who continue to send us books. ?I personally have enjoyed the crime novels, and I am also a big fan of memoir type books that helps you see through the eyes of the troops that make you feel like you are actually there, I have no preference for any particular war or conflict. ?I have also been able to share books with my father in law who is a Vietnam veteran.?Both of us have damage to both mind and body from our tours.?Finally thanks so much for the free books and personal time and effort you extend to get the books to us!
By: Nicholas A (United States)
I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you do. I truly love to read and thanks to you I will be able too.
By: Janet E. (Afghanistan)
Thank you so much for all the wonderful books you've sent, the variety is greatly enjoyed!
By: Marinda K. (Afghanistan)
Thank you so much for all the wonderful books you've sent, the variety is greatly enjoyed!
By: Marinda K. (Afghanistan)
We received our books today! My son was so excited he said it was like Christmas! Thank you all so much!
By: Beth A (US)
My name is MA1 Ashley Calloway. I am currently deployed to the UAE for the third time. The books you all have sent have truly been a blessing to me and my shipmates. I love to read but bringing a ton of books with me was not an option. Downloading them online gets expensive. Thanks to you all I didn\'t have to worry about any of that. I just show up and there are plenty of books for me to choose from. Thank you vary much and God Bless you all.
By: Ashley Calloway (UAE)
Thank you to the Jordan family for the latest shipment of books. There was a little something for each of my 3 kids! Appreciate the donations!
By: Robin P. (United States)
Thank you Operation Paperback for all of your support! My family greatly appreciates your support.
By: Zarah Z. (USA)
Dear Denise or representative of Operation Paperback, Thank you so much for the books. I just received them today. As both a Ukrainian Catholic and a Secular Franciscan, I was most appreciative of the books "Imitation of Mary," "Practice the Presence of God" By Br Lawrence, and the Collegeville Commentary on the books of Luke and Revelations, and for the others as well. I wanted to say that receiving these books has brought me significant joy. As a Retention Non-Commissioned Officer over my unit, I am always trying to promote the morale and welfare of fellow soldiers both within my unit and to those soldiers/Marines/sailors whom I may come into contact with. Thank you so much
By: stephen b (USA)
Greetings Ms. C, Thank you very much for your kind donation of books from Operation Paperback. One book in particular, ?The Miracle of the Kurds,? is of particular interest to me. I have previous operational experience in Iraqi Kurdistan and came to know and appreciate the Kurdish people very intimately. They are a unique case the Near East so I look forward to reading about the author?s experience and perspective. Thank you again for your generous donation, it?s very much appreciated. Kind regards
By: brendan c (USA)
My name is Spc H, and I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for a great variety of books that you guys have sent me. I really appreciate the book of management courage, stocks, and finance that I have received. Thank you very much for selecting the type of books that i am more interested in and I can't stress enough to say thank you. Can't wait for my next stack :) Thank you so much, Ms. S and Operation Paperback for your support.
By: Omar H (USA)
We received the book you sent of our location, thanking you in advance for your continued support of America?s Heroes ? Our Veterans.
By: Edmond B (USA)
Hello! I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the books arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much! Everyone was super excited to get a shipment in and have something to do to help pass the time. We all appreciate what you guys are doing for us over here. Thank you so much! =)
By: landan l (overseas)
Good Morning! I am pleased to inform you that we have received the first package of books and are thrilled to go through the variety of novels that you have sent to us! The speedy arrival is truly impressive, I figured this would be something we wouldn't see for a few months, but you clearly run a tight ship over there! The crew sends it's appreciation and we look forward to future gifts. Thank you dearly for your support!
By: Joseph P (Pacific )
Good evening Operation Paperback! We received our books today and we want to say thank you so much for this act of kindness. We are very grateful.
By: samantha o (USA)
I received your box yesterday. You hit the nail on the head again. Really good book section. Your books are some I will read and share with my coworkers. I also enjoy the snacks and pictures of small town MT. After years of bouncing from one military base to another my wife and I are looking fwd to picking the town we live in. I have about a year left in the Army and ill retire and we plan on buying a RV and traveling. First summer on the road we plan to visit MT. I?d like to think well end up in such a beautiful place. I just picture MT as small town, hardworking, non-flashy, outdoors folks who appreciate a clear stream, a beautiful sunset, wildlife in the backyard and a place to call their own. 48th in population density sounds wonderful. Oh and because I'm a Homer I told my wife I want to buy a Keystone Montana to travel this great country in. Thanks again G, I really enjoyed the box of goodies, letter and a short mental getaway from Afghanistan
By: Jeremy L CPT (Aghanistan)
Thank you so very much for the box of books and thoughtful cards that arrived today! We are very appreciative and would like to request that you remove us from any future shipments so that other families may benefit.
By: cynthia b (USA)