Thank You Notes

I love these books. I look forward to getting the package every month, and I always take them with me when my unit goes to the field. Thank you so much for all you do!
By: Stephanie C (United States)
Thank you so much for helping the troops! Really appreciated !
By: Rachel (Usa)
Sending many thanks and warm wishes from San Diego. My 4 year old daughter received two separate boxes of books yesterday from VA and NJ. I can't tell you the excitement on her face when she opened the box. It was a wonderful Valentine's day present for both of us. Thank you for supporting your military members and their families. It's the little things that mean so much when we are so far away from our loved ones. Thank you and God Bless y'all!!!
By: Courtney L (United States)
Thank you to Operation Paperback! We are an Army Family with four children. Yesterday we received a box of books for our two boys (ages 11 & 12). I can't even begin to tell you how excited they were to receive the books! They've already chosen several to 'claim' as theirs and have started reading. Thanks again - the service you provide to our Military and Family Members is very much appreciated. All the best -
By: Susan G (United States)
We just received our first shipment of books today and my girls could not be happier (I think I got a little more excited than them). This is truly a blessing since my kids love reading. We are planning on starting a little Free Library for our neighborhood and this will definitely be a valuable addition to it. Thank you sooo much, in behalf of the Chaquea girls.
By: Chaquea Family (United States)
Thank you all for everything you do. It helps so much for them to have a distraction, and I know better than many how wonderful an escape into a book can be! Thank you for giving them that escape!! God bless you all!
By: Ashley F (Deployed soldiers neice)
My kids were excited to receive a box full of books. They enjoyed going through and reading them. Thank you so much for all that you do.
By: Melanie N (US)
I just wanted to tell you my husband got the books! He is enjoying them and sharing them as well. Again, thank you!
By: rachael a (usa)
Thank you very much, We have so enjoyed receiving the shipments and are humbled by the letters and postcards that folks have sent with them. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
By: Savannah M TSgt USAF (USA)
Good evening, We just wanted to thank you for the support we have received from your organization. I had a goal of filling up a bookcase with a variety of healthy reading and we are all set! Thank you! Happy Holidays to you and your staff.
By: Savannah M TSgt USAF (USA)
Good Morning, Thank for all the packages you have sent me
By: Andrew C (USA)
We received a shipment of books yesterday from Elise in Massachusetts. We are so thankful, they were perfect. The comic books were amazing, both my son and husband were excited beyond belief. When I put that on our requests I never expected it, I was just hopeful. My husband just won tickets from to go the comic book expo next week. We have been having a very difficult year, due to a very bad PTSD episode my husband had. He was hospitalized for over 45 days. This package arriving made him smile! It is something I haven't seen in awhile. He was like omg there is batman comics lol. The smile meant the world to me. Thank you so much Elise in Massachusetts. Gabriella F and the family
By: gabbi n (USA)
Sir / Ma'am, Just wanted to shoot you a thank you note. We received a box of science-fiction books from the Heinlein society in cooperation with operation paperback up at Site K in Turkey and they will make a great addition to the small library we are building. It gets a little boring up here especially during the winter (we are located on the top of a mountain) so these books will help to give the Soldiers a fun activity for their time off shift. Thanks again for your help! To the team at Operation Paperback (CC'd). Thank you as well for setting up this program and for your help so far. We are starting to build a nice little library up here on the mountain.
By: Cody K (Turkey)
Just want you all to know that although we are not writing to the Dunstable, Massachusetts address, I am sending individual thank you notes to all the original senders of books to me here! I'm using the names/ addresses of their custom forms/return labels.
By: Thomas V (overseas)
I just wanted to let you know that we received some books from your program this week. This is our first experience and we are so grateful for such a great program, and we will continue to pay it forward. Thank you for your support! And thank you very much for all you do!
By: Kelly A (usa)
First I would like to thank you for all the books that you both have sent. I have used these books to make a small unit library. But at this point, I can no longer maintain the library because I am transitioning out of the Army. Please stop sending books and I will manage the books that I already have over here. Thank you, I appreciate the hard work you do every day.
By: christopher d (Korea)
Thank you so very much for the generous amount of books given to our family. Our 5 year old boy is thrilled with all the new books we get to read together. My husband is currently stationed overseas and is anxiously awaiting to return so we can read bed time stories as a family again! We will have plenty of new titles to read when he gets back. We are so thankful for all of them. Thanks again!
By: raine h (usa)
Got a box of awesome books! And a note that said let you guys know so that?s what I?m doing! If more are coming awesome if it was a one time shipment that?s Even more perfect and I hope to send a big thank you of books one day back
By: kevin w (usa)
Thank you so very for the two shipments of children's books, means so much my kids are already reading them! Again thank you
By: catie b (usa)
Today we received a box of twenty-five (25) donated puzzle books from your volunteer Tillie N. of Royal Oak, Michigan. We and our patient veterans greatly appreciate the continued generosity of your organization?s donors and volunteers. We use these books to, not only fill our main library, but also to fill ?Little Free Libraries? that we have throughout the building. These ?Little Free Libraries? are used by veterans and their families while waiting for appointments and while recuperating from treatments. Your donated books will be put to good use as a welcome treat for our veteran patients and their families.
By: ryan gray (usa)