Thank You Notes

thank you for your support and the many great books.
By: James SP (US)
Thank you so much for the books!
By: Jennifer G (Kuwait)
We just got a box of books today, thank you so much!! My boys will be so excited to read them!
By: Teile G (USA)
Thank you so much for supporting our troops.
By: Melinda S (USA)
These books will take the monotony out of this deployment, not only for me, but for my battle buddies as well. Thank you!
By: Valerie B (Afghanistan)
First and foremost, thank you for sending us troops books. Though I did not personally request your awesome donations, I was able to benefit from it. I've come across your books at various bases; big and small. We are very appreciative and it has given us immense pleasure during our limited off time. Again, thank you and thank you for your support.
By: Jackie C. (Afghanistan)
I have a book shelf set up at the local armory and each month go to trade out new books. The soldiers, their families and I thank every one of Operation Paperback's volunteers for all they do!
By: Anna D (United States)
Thank you for the books and all your hard work. We received them today. My girls love them!!
By: Shioban R (USA)
Folks, One of our Marines got a shipment of your books out here in Okinawa. Everyone grabbed something, including me, and I wanted to say "thank you" for the gift. We do have a library out here, but some of the older, more arcane titles are kind of thin on the ground. Robert Heinlein is a favorite author of mine. Semper Fi
By: Bryan S, Lt Col (Japan)
Hello, First I would thank you and everyone you work with for the amazing support you show to us. Receiving your packages and brightened everyone's spirits and provided a much needed escape. Thank you so much!
By: Robert H, SSG (Europe)
Hello, I'm emailing in regards to ending my subscription for Operation Paperback. I'm extremely appreciative for all of the books that I have received and for all of your support. It truly means a lot! I will gladly renew once I finish reading all of the books I have received :) I want to say thank you to every single one of you for what you do and your tremendous support for the troops!
By: Taylor S (USA)
Hello, I just wanted to inform you that my husband Thomas is requesting to be unsubscribed from the list. He is very grateful for the books, but he has so much that he doesn?t know what to do with them haha. Thank you so much for donating books! Thank you for supporting the troops, it is highly appreciated! Have a great day,
By: Thomas S (USA)
Thank you! You are all very awesome! In your support and constant reminder to our Soldier's how America cares and that we are not forgotten. We have received so many books, audio books and magazines. More than we can read! As we conclude our mission here and soon return home the incoming Soldier's will be grateful. Thank you. I will be leaving soon with the rest of my unit we will no longer be receiving mail as we transition out. I would have to say thank you for your service to our Soldiers. It is great to know our countrymen and women care.
By: Jorge A (USA)
Good afternoon, \r\n \r\nI have been successfully getting all my books, I am just requesting that my submission ends I have waaaayy too many now! I really appreciate all the books that I have received though. Thank you for your support!
By: Amy M (USA)
I received a box of books from Elaine in Dunstable MA. Very nice spread of books. As always I appreciate all packages sent. Thank you very much
By: Jeremy L CPT (USA)
We would like to thank you for the books you mailed! We appreciate what you do for military families and will be forever thankful for your generosity
By: Airish S (USA)
I just got a box of books in the mail. It was such a nice surprise. Thank you so much for donating of your time and effort to reach out to families in the military. Your support means so much! Thank you!
By: Erin H (USA)
Hello there, My daughter and I received our first box from Operation Paperback today and it was a delight to have a package and to see what books were inside. Thank you so much for this kindness. My husband has received 2 boxes of books on his year-long deployment and was very pleased with the selections and shared the books with the other service members. He is packing 2 books in his luggage when he finally returns home next month! I?m looking forward to reading these books?starting with "Baker?s Secret? and whatever we don?t read, we will donate to our local library. This is a very nice service that made our day! All the best,
By: Kristin S (USA)
Thank you so much to Mrs. Kathy D, & everyone who helped to send me & my family all these amazing books!!! We are so GRATEFUL and THANKFUL. I had honestly forgot all about the books, and was trying to figure out, where the package came from. Lol! Any who, we truly appreciate your giving hearts & thoughtfulness. I pray everyone of you are blessed, for the blessings you?ve bestowed upon my family, and all the amazing other Military families in the world.
By: Tara D-M (USA)
Thank you so much for the wonderful books and reading materials. We will be certain to pass these along once we are done with them.
By: Sean M (USA )