Corporate and Community Partners

Operation Paperback extends its thanks to the following corporate and community partners who have provided us with book and monetary donations.

Bank Square Books is a locally owned, fiercely independent bookstore located in Mystic, Connecticut, just 20 minutes away from Naval Submarine Base New London. And ….. our bookstore has an even closer connection to the military! Several members of our staff have been in the service or are the spouse of a service member (including our Operation Paperback Coordinator, Margot). Over the years we have coordinated the shipment of thousands of books through the Operation Paperback program, and look forward to continuing this initiative in partnership with Operation Paperback. When you buy a book for Operation Paperback through us, not only do you support the troops, but also an independently owned bookstore.

Book Wishlists received by Operation Paperback will be posted on our website (, where you can browse the lists and purchase titles for general donation to the troops, or for a specific unit’s wishlist. Bank Square Books facilitates the shipping and handling of these book donations, getting them directly to the troops, with care.

We also know the incredible morale boost of a note from home. For this reason, we always include letters in our packages from patrons, staff, and hopefully you! During checkout, you can put in the comments section "For Operation Paperback" and your message. We include your note on a postcard with the book(s).

Thank you for the support and love you show to all the armed forces personnel and their families!

Since September 2008, Gently Used Books has collected cash donations in support of our cause, and in 2010 also began to send us specially-requested titles at a deeply-discounted rate. The customers of Gently Used Books have donated over $4000 in cash, store credit and books in the past four years! We also have partnered with the store to provide books to Marine units needing specific titles from the Marine Corps Professional Development reading list. Ken & Mona, we cannot thank you enough for your support!

During the Summer 2010, we received an amazing donation from Governor Mitt Romney. He donated $5,000 in support of our mission along with free copies of his autobiography. We appreciate his outstanding support of our troops!

We are so blessed to have the support of the Bookmooch community. We have received hundreds of books from members. We regularly receive point donations too, which allows us to "mooch" hard to find titles for our troops. In fact, we have a staff member who exclusively manages our relationship with the Bookmooch community --- yes, we receive that many donations from them! Thank you, Bookmoochers!

Thank you to the Ford Motor Company for their generous donation of $500! We also thank Alison Haislip for turning her Ford Fiesta into a "bookmobile" and zooming around town collecting hundreds of books! You can view the YouTube clip of her adventures at:

The Verizon Foundation has awarded Operation Paperback annually with grants to support our mission. Since 2009, we have received over $2000 in grants. Our thanks to volunteer, Al Cormier, who has put in the manpower that allows us to receive this generous contribution.

The Microsoft Matching Gifts Program matches the volunteer hours of their employees with a cash donation, and volunteer Gerald Weiler has requested that his volunteer hours be credited to Operation Paperback. In just one year, Microsoft has given Operation Paperback more than $2,500 for the hours that Gerry has spent mailing books to our troops! Thanks to Microsoft for such a generous employee program, and thanks to Gerry for directing it our way.

The Wolf Pirate Project is a non-profit organization that encourages reading and provides support to aspiring writers. Not only do they provide a steady stream of book donations to Operation Paperback, they also are offering their teaching and mentoring services completely free to any troops who are interested in being published.